A Glimpse into Irish Bar Etiquette

In Ireland, the bar is more than just a place where people go to have drinks. The Irish bar is considered as a central place where people congregate at different times to catch up with what is going on around them. Births are celebrated in those places, messages of death are discussed in bars, and people meet and know each other over large mugs of beer. Needless to say, when people visit Ireland, one of the places they often want to spend time at is in the bars. It makes sense because there is a lot you can learn about the Irish culture by simply visiting an Irish bar. If you are a tourist in Ireland, you must first understand the etiquette and culture of the people.

Irish Bar Etiquette

  • Understand the round’s culture: It is quite common for someone in Ireland to walk into a bar and order a round of drinks for the people in the bar. This generosity might surprise you, but you should know that someday, in the near future, you will be expected to do the same. When you drink a round on other people, you should extend the same in your next visit.
  • Know about tipping: If you get table service in an Irish bar, you can extend your gratitude and tip the waiter. Unlike the US where there is an unwritten rule that indicates you must tip every waiter and people who provide services, you do not necessarily have to tip a waiter in Ireland and nobody will judge you harshly if you do not.
  • Kids are welcome: There are some Irish bars that consider themselves family oriented. Children are welcome as long as they are not drinking alcohol and are in the company of adults. Do not complain about them.
  • People can stay after lock in: Even after the bars have closed in Ireland, there are others that lock in the people who had already checked in and they are allowed to continue drinking and parting behind the locked doors.