Patchwork Rugs for the Irish Bar Snug

The Irish bar is not just confined to Ireland. Irish bars can be found in cities and countries across the world. Their attractiveness derives from the congenial atmosphere, and relaxed surroundings typical of the traditional Irish bar. Traditionally, the Irish bar has functioned like a community centre where people can meet, have a drink, eat some food, listen to live music, and probably most important of all, to talk with your friends.

The floorings in these bars can vary considerably. Some Irish bars have mosaic tiles in the entrance areas and around the bar. Wood chips can be found in what’s believed to be the oldest pub in the world. Or according to other observers, a real Irish bar will have natural stone floors. There are also hardwood floorings made from oak, or the modern equivalents of wood effect porcelain tiles, or laminated flooring.

Whatever the flooring type, one of the defining characteristics of an Irish bar is its snug. A snug is a small private room, possibly with a fireplace, and comfortable armchairs. To add to the cosiness of the snug, you may find patchwork rugs to complete that ‘at home’ feel.

Patchwork rugs are made from recycled Turkish carpets, so buying one of these will help towards saving the earth’s precious resources. The Turkish carpets are washed, repaired and strengthened, and then woven together to create a new Patchwork rug. They come in a variety of colours and colour combinations, varying designs, and sizes. They are high quality, but available at affordable prices.

The Turkish carpets are fabricated mostly from polyester and synthetic wool. These materials have a number of advantages. Apart from a soft feel, they are fade and stain resistant, mould and mildew resistant, and strong and hard-wearing. They are suitable for people with allergies, and are easy to clean in a washing machine. No need to worry about spilt Guinness, it will run straight through the rug!

Pubs may be closing their doors in Ireland ( like many other countries), but the Irish bar is as popular as ever all over the world from the USA to China and every place in between. Maybe its enduring popularity is due to the unique, friendly atmosphere where people can enjoy good conversations, beverages, food, and music.