What Kind of Foods Can be Eaten at Irish Pubs?

The sign of a good Irish pub is great drinks, awesome music and delicious food. The first two are pretty much a given but what type of foods can you actually expect to enjoy at Irish pubs? Let’s take a look at some classic Irish food that could be on the menu.

  • Irish stew

This is an absolute classic and delicious during a cold winters day in the country. The dish consists of lamb mixed with potatoes, onions, carrots and herbs. Usually served with some crusty bread which is best eaten after being dunked in the juice of the stew. This meal is so tasty and definitely worth trying if you are hungry when stopping off at an Irish pub.

  • Fish and chips

Perhaps more British rather than specifically Irish but nevertheless, this is a really good dish and not something you are going to be disappointed with. Fish and chips is best served with mushy peas, plus heaps of salt and vinegar.

  • Collar and cabbage

This is a really interesting dish that many people will be wary to try but to the range of ingredients but it actually tastes really good. In collar and cabbage, you will find boiled bacon which has been coated in breadcrumbs and brown sugar before being baked. It is then served up with cabbage, come on give it a go – we dare you!

  • Coddle

This is a mixture of bacon, pork sausages, onions and potatoes which are stewed together in different layers to create a flavoursome meal. Other ingredients can be added or some taken out as necessary, the meal is usually cooked with leftovers which is ideal if you are eating on a budget.

While some of the meals available in Irish pubs might not be what you are used to, there are lots of other dishes you probably know on the menu so you could always just order those instead. Irish people love meat and potatoes but there will usually be vegetarian options too and this satisfies a range of customers. Whether you want to keep it safe or try something out of your comfort zone, you are guaranteed an amazing time in whatever Irish pub you visit.