St Patricks Day in Irish Bars

St Patrick’s Day is a celebration that is held on March 17th, which was actually the date of death of Saint Patrick, who is the patron Saint of Ireland. While it is technically a religious event, it’s definitely seen as more of a cultural celebration nowadays. All different kinds of people celebrate it, even those who do not have religious beliefs. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the world, it’s often seen as a big excuse to party and drink copious amounts of alcohol! For the inhabitants of Ireland however, it is a day that means a lot to them and the bars are so busy during this day of the year around the country.

So what is the atmosphere like in Irish bars on St Patrick’s Day? It’s very similar to the atmosphere at Irish bars all year round but definitely heightened even more as the excitement spreads around. There is no doubt that drinking reaches a whole new level on St.Patrick’s Day, in-fact recent figures have shown that a massive 13 million pints of Guinness are consumed. Considering this is just ONE of the many beers/whiskeys that are popular in Ireland speaks for itself. There is usually live music playing at many Irish bars on this day too, some bars will put on a spread of food that can be consumed by customers including classic Irish bites.

The atmosphere at Irish bars on St. Patrick’s Day is electric, the customers are so friendly to one another and the bar staff are going to make you feel right at home even if you are completely new to the bar in question. The great thing about these establishments is that everyone is welcome, people from all walks of life can enjoy what is on offer. As long as the patrons are friendly to one another, St. Patrick’s Day will go down really well. This is generally the case because everyone is just out to have a good time no matter how they are celebrating.

Some people like to dress up on St Patrick’s Day. It is all great fun but if you don’t want to dress up when you visit an Irish bar on St Patrick’s Day, there is absolutely no pressure to do so. Some of the most popular outfit choices for this celebration are leprechauns, including a fake beard. Many of the girls just like to wear a four leaf clover dress or any kind of green garment.

No matter what country you are in when you visit an Irish bar this St Patrick’s Day, you are sure to see the fun celebrations unfold so get involved and have an amazing time.