Irish Bars

How To Find Local Irish Bars

The internet is the best tool to utilise when looking for a nearby Irish bar. A person could use a simple search engine for this task. There are also plenty of bar review sites to find. These will let users know which establishments are worth visiting.

The Best Times To Visit An Irish Bar

St. Patrick’s Day is by far the best time of the year to visit an Irish pub. This is when the place will be packed and full of excited patrons. This day will bring with it a jovial party atmosphere. However, if someone wants to have a more quiet night then they should consider going in quieter months such as January.

Knowing Your Limits

It is important for patrons to know how much they can drink and to do so in moderation. If someone is concerned about the effects of alcohol on their health they can go to and download a medical app. This will let them chat with a doctor through live video. With Livi users can book appointments, as well as get referrals and prescriptions.

Irish Bars In TV And Movies

  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This sitcom revolves around a group of friends who run their own Irish bar. This is called Paddy’s Pub and serves as the setting for numerous misadventures throughout the course of the series.

  • Leprechaun 2

In this comedy horror an evil leprechaun roams through a city. Since it is St. Patrick’s Day he decides to enter a pub. This starts a comical sequence where the creature is assumed by patrons to be a drunken member of the public.

  • Withnail And I

Withnail And I follows two friends as they travel from pub to pub. At the start of the film they go into a grim looking Irish bar called Mother Black Cap. They soon have to leave after offending another customer.

Irish Bars In Video Games

  • GTA

The Grand Theft Auto series features many different Irish bars on a number of its titles. Players are able to walk into these establishments and play games such as darts. Some of the games even allow characters to drink alcohol and experience drunkenness.

  • Mafia 3

Duffy’s Irish Pub is a key location in this action game. The player can own this bar after completing several missions. At one point they have to defend it from attacking gangsters.

  • Fallout 4

This game is set in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Despite this there are still a number of drinking establishments to explore. One of these is the Shamrock Taphouse. This is the setting for several fun quests which can give players unique pieces of loot.