Facts About Irish Bars

Right here, you can take a look at some facts about Irish bars that you might not have been aware of.

  • There was an Act in 1846 that decided dead bodies were to be brought to public houses for storage until further arrangements could be sorted out. They were usually stored in the beer cellars because these were cooler and delayed decomposition – yikes! This luckily isn’t the case anymore and would be the last thing you need during a trip to Ireland!
  • Most Irish pubs have families names above the door and this is because it was law that the proprietors name be shown many years ago. This is a unique feature of an Irish pub but it will usually have a unique name i.e. the Bears Arms, in addition to the name of the family running it on a plaque.
  • The word tavern is often used to describe a pub and this first come about back in the nineteenth century when the Normans took over certain parts of Ireland. Normans loved their wine and therefore created taverns where important people could eat and drink, naming them taverns.