Considering a Move to Ireland? This Is What You Need to Know

Ireland is a popular destination for people looking to make a new start in their life. Whether you’re a student looking to study at one of the country’s top universities or a retiree looking for a great place to spend their golden years, Ireland has a lot to offer. However, there are a number of things you’ll want to know about before you book the movers and start packing your boxes. Now we will have a look at some of them in this article.


Where to Live

In the popular imagination, Ireland is a rural and green country, but this certainly isn’t the case if you’re moving to Dublin, which can easily hold its own against any of Europe’s major cities. You also have the option of Cork, towards the south of the country which is smaller but still has a very good selection of restaurants and things to do.

Of course, if this isn’t for you, then you also have the option of finding somewhere in the countryside that suits you. Do keep in mind that these areas of Ireland are very rural, and you may find that you are living some distance from shops, bars and other facilities.

Adapting to the Local Culture

The culture of Ireland will be familiar to most people from the UK and US, but nevertheless, it’s worth doing a little bit of research in advance to make sure that you fit in and don’t end up inadvertently offending your new hosts. First of all, don’t try and make light of the local accent or talk in one if you’re not actually Irish. The locals will have no problem in understanding a British or American accent and probably won’t appreciate you making a joke out of the way they speak.

Secondly, remember that while Ireland has modernised significantly in recent years, some rural areas of the country can still take a relatively conservative approach to life. As a newcomer, it’s probably for the best that you try to be respectful of this.

Ireland uses euros, so if you’re moving from one of the other euro member countries, you should be able to get away without setting up a bank account right away. Nevertheless, we would recommend that you make these types of arrangements as quickly as you possibly can to avoid facing problems later on.

The countries of the world have welcomed the people of Ireland for decades, and now Ireland is extending the welcome back to them. We hope that your move to the country goes well and we’re sure that with a little bit of planning you’ll make a great success of your time in the country.