Best Irish Bars in Dublin for Young People

If you are in Dublin and are looking for a young and trendy bar to visit, you are in luck! One of the following would definitely be worth your time.

  • The Market Bar, Trade Street

This is a really popular spot, the music is great and the drinks are really cheap too. There are also delicious meals served at The Market Bar including a selection of Tapas, so what’s not to love?

  • Bernard Shaw, Richmond Street

Have you ever eat pizza served from the back of a blue bus? Well now is as good as time to start as any. This bar is covered in graffiti and it has such a cool vibe inside that you will instantly feel like you are with friends.

  • Idlewild, Fade Street

This bar is decorated beautifully in a shabby chic style. It’s modern but also quite different from other Irish pubs in the area. The prices are affordable and there is live music on a regular basis.

  • Gin Palace, Jervis Street

As you might have guessed by the title, this bar has a wide selection of gin to sample. The decor is absolutely stunning and the prices at Gin Palace are also some of the best in Dublin.